We believe that we all have a role to play.

And we should. 


As we seem to be at a turning point.

It's up to us where we are heading. Up to us to take a stand, to act, to co-create.


No matter if as a conscious citizen, a creator or a catalyst.

What you do, matters, and shapes the future. 


Impact  Supporters

Have you been following the news, or even given up on it? Do you feel it's time for change, for a shift in our systems, a more conscious way of doing things?


We adore critically thinking and constructive minds. Those who are interested in solution, wish to explore new approaches for our economic and educational system and who are ready to get active, contribute and co-create the future. 


Impact Entrepreneurs

Do you have an impact idea? A product or service that helps to protect the planet, uses AI in a positively impactful manner or a project in the field of education?


We love entrepreneurial minds. Those that use their brains, time and skills to develop, implement and multiply impact solutions in those fields. Join us to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, exchange with global peers and get support on your impact journey.


Impact Investors

Would you like to invest with impact? And make sure your money yields more than profits? Are you all set to support projects and entrepreneurs financially?


We invite consciously investing individuals and organisations. Those who use their assets as catalysts for impact to join us in kick-starting, implementing and multiplying solutions for this planet and coming generations. Be part of our Investor Circle of Impact.

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Keya Choudhury
Conscious Citizen from Germany

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Wale Adebi
Creator from Nigeria

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Elisabeth Fullerton
Impact Investor from the US