Project Focused Measurable Impact

Welcome to our network & community for

Creators, Catalysts and Conscious Citizen.


We get active about the state of the world.

And invite you to co-create with us a Sustainable Future.  


# Together.

# For all of us.


We promote and support innovative impact projects and social companies that have a solution with measurable impact to our current and upcoming challenges.


As we believe it's high time to get active. Humanity's immense knowledge, funds and technology should be entirely focused on tackling our most pressing issues and on eradicating unnecessary suffering and inequalities.


We have a special focus on protecting our beautiful habitat - as there is no Planet B. And on redesigning our education system to, critically thinking and creative new generations for the 21st century. We love technology,

AI and scientific advancements - provided they are inbuilt in projects that serve the greater good.


Salons & Expert Circles: A different approach

 We invite you to our Salons where we discuss the current framework, fabric, issues and pillars of our society - and explore innovative concepts and transformative approaches

for an equitable, sustainable future. 


We believe that financing more impact projects and social entrepreneurs is important. But this alone will not do it. We need a transformation of the underlying approach and mindset towards a more conscious form and framework of capitalism. We need an economic system that is inclusive, leads to more (not less) equality and that includes the value of nature into its calculations. 


Local understanding and global joint action are key. We hence invite experts to collaborate with us on the above, but also on other crucial and potentially disruptive topics such as the introduction

of AI and bio engineering into our societies.



Your Role & Purpose In The Global Change Network


We believe that everyone has an important purpose and a valuable role to play

in creating the future we wish to see.


No matter if you are a Creator of an impactful project, a Catalyst who is into conscious investing

or a pro-active and conscious citizen - we invite you to join our change network

and community of conscious shapers. 


Explore and decide on your unique contribution to creating tangible positive impact and to shaping our future on this planet. Be part of the evolution we need as human beings. From knowledge to wisdom. From profit to purpose.

From I to us.